Recommended Windows version for PyRoot


I just installed 5.34 32 release MSI installer. The PyRoot hooks are apparently not included. What version of Root should I grab to use with PyRoot?

p.s. The fact that I can’t install a second version of Windows Root without uninstalling the first is yet another reason why Windows/VC++ root is a bad idea.


sorry, not familiar with any of that. I’ll ask Bertrand.


Hi Charles,

Which version exacly? (ROOT version and Compiler version please, 5.34 32 isn’t helpful)

Please, don’t mix platform/compiler options with installing tool options. Windows/VC++ has nothing to do with the fact that you are using a msi installer file… Using a tar.gz file instead would allow you to use any number of different versions of ROOT you want… :wink:
I think you may have the same kind of problem if you use rpm instead of tar file on Linux… (not sure about that though)

Cheers, Bertrand.