Rebin TH2 with variable bin size

is it possible to rebin a TH2f from 20 bins to 11 bins? It seems, i can only rebin it into groups, but not into variable bin-numbers as with TH1F…

Am i doing something wrong?

Is it just not possible, does nobody know, or is it so easy, that i should see it myself?

I am curious about this also…


I posted a bugreport (with a dirty hack to fix it) here:

Unfortunatly the bug was closed without getting fixed or even understood… And i dont know how i can reopen it.

The savannah report has been re-opened.

I just went there and saw that linked (mostly unrelated) bug report was closed as “Fixed” with a comment that this just wasn’t implemented for the 2D case. Should I file a feature request bug for that?


Yes, I might be a good idea to file the feature request if you need it.