Rebin is tricky in TBrowser drop down menu

I’ve reviewed the following: :confused:

Rebin this histogram -case 1 xbins=0 if newname is not blank a new temporary histogram hnew is created. else the current histogram is modified (default) ...

Rebin in the drop down menue is leading to segmentation faults for whatever I type. Is it bugged (5.20.00)?

I’d like to know what to enter into the three popup lines to yield a more finely binned histo than what the defaults display.
(and I think the old way worked better?)



You have to enter a value in ngroup, and not in xbins…
Please see the documentation of TH1::Rebin at

You can also rebin your histogram via the editor, from the canvas menu View->Editor, then click on the histogram and select the “Binning” tab.


Thanks for the response. I had read the url’s docs before posting. Trying again…my view->editor only displayed a “style” tab…until quite by accident I found that when I did a cntrl-click on the histogram the “binning” tab magically appeared and disappeared (toggle mode).

I think this feature needs to be less opaque and never seg-fault.

Thanks for your shove in the right direction.