Rebin histogram

Hi, I need to rebin histograms of my macro. Running I would like a bin width =1 …Looking the plot that I got by running the macro I see the range is [-600;600], so I wrote:


But it didn’t work, so I also tried to force the x range writing


but it didn’t work too. In both situations I get this error

and I get plots having the ROOT automatically binning ( bin width =50).
Isn’t possible to set an user binning? Obiuvlsy if it’s possible to get a width=1 without knowing the range it should be better!

calo.cpp (20.6 KB)

ROOT Version: 5.34/38
Platform: Windows

TH1::Rebin can only increase the bin width.
You need to create your histogram with the fine binning, e.g.:

t->Draw(Form("Calo_Time[%d]-Calo_Time[%d] >> htemp(1200, -600., 600.)", a, b));

Hi @Wile_E_Coyote ,i used your code for the re-binning and it worked, but I had also to cut some data and I need 2 use 2 gaussian fit. Following your reply in this topic Fitting with two gaussian curves , I got a good 2 gaussian fit. Anyway, in the statistical box, I get the mean value of the 2 separated fits, instead I’d like to get also the mean and sigma values of the produced by your code of the total fit.
Should it be possible?
Following @couet reply to this topic Adding text to statistics box I wrote

TPaveStats *statsgdeltatime = (TPaveStats*)htemp->GetListOfFunctions()->FindObject("stats");
   		statsgdeltatime->SetX1NDC(0.80); statsgdeltatime->SetX2NDC(0.98);
   		statsgdeltatime->SetY1NDC(0.77); statsgdeltatime->SetY2NDC(0.92);
   		statsgdeltatime->AddText("Mean	%lf \n #sigma	%lf",mean,sigma);

but I get error.

Make sure that, before the line with FindObject("stats"), you execute: gPad->Modified(); gPad->Update();

Hi wile, before that line I had


I also added

gPad->Modified(); gPad->Update();

but I get the same error (see attachment)

anyway it looks like that the error is due to the variables because if I write for example

statsgdeltatime->AddText("Mean ");

it works.

calo.cpp (22.7 KB)


statsgdeltatime->AddText(TString::Format("Mean	%g \n #sigma	%g", mean, sigma));

Thanky you wile. your code works, I had just to modify it to

tatsgdeltatime->AddText(TString::Format("Mean	%g", mean));
			statsgdeltatime->AddText(TString::Format("Sigma	%g", sigma));

because the
command didn’t work and I also tried


but it didn’t work too.

But I’ve 1 more question please currently it center all the text, should it be possible to get “Mean” on the left and the value on the right (similiar to what ROOT does)?

// Note that "=" is a control character
statsgdeltatime->AddText(TString::Format("Mean = %g", mean));
statsgdeltatime->AddText(TString::Format("Sigma	= %g", sigma));

Thank you wile! sorry! I didn’t write the “=”

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