Reading TFile into TMemFile


I am trying to read TFile from disc and clone it into TMemFile, which later becomes a TMessage.

What’s the simplest way to do the TFile → TMemFIle step? Or maybe I can somehow go straight from TFile into TMessage?


Hello @bsobol,

I think @pcanal should be able to help here, if not maybe @Axel or @eguiraud.

Can you clarify you goal and/or setup? (In first approximation, why is the receiver of the TMessage can not open/use the file directly)? (Depending on your answer, TMessage and TMemFile may or may not be the right tools).

TMessage is sent through network to worker, which expects a TFile.
I’m prototyping a processing pipeline, in final version worker(s) will probably expect just a TTree or a set of them, but for now it is what it is.
I don’t want to send a file to worker, store it on disc, and then load again.

I have adjusted this ROOT: tutorials/io/copyFiles.C Source File to my needs. Seems to work.

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