Reading std vector of vectors

Hi everyone,

I have a Tree (was not me that create it) in which there is a branch variable of type vector< vector< unsigned int>>. If a declare one variable as that to address the branch arises the error:

I tried in many ways to build some structure to read that branch, but I have no success. Do you have some suggestion?


a dictionary is needed. Root does not provide by default dictionaries for vector of vectors.
In order to prepare it, you can follow these instructions:

#include <vector>


    <class name="vector<vector<unsigned int>>" />


genreflex classes.h -s sel.xml --rootmap al.rootmap --rootmap-lib
g++ -O2 classes_rflx.cpp -fPIC -shared `root-config --cflags --libs` -o

In order to automatically load the library when needed, e.g. when opening the file, make sure to have the pcm, rootmap and so files in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or in ./.


Thank you so much for help me!!