Reading No-split TClonesArray with TTreeReader

If I create a TTree with a branch that is a non-split TClonesArray (of e.g. TLorentzVector):

TClonesArray* locMyArray = new TClonesArray("TLorentzVector", 10);
locTree->Branch("my_branch", &locMyArray, 32000, 0); //0: don't split

And then I create a TSelector by running TTree::MakeSelector() on it:


and then try to run the selector:


I get the following error:

Error in <TTreeReaderArrayBase::CreateContentProxy()>: The branch "my_branch" contains data of type TClonesArray, which should be accessed through a TTreeReaderValue< TClonesArray >.

In the selector header file, it has created the content:

TTreeReaderArray<TLorentzVector> my_branch = {fReader, "my_branch"};

I’m using ROOT 6.06/08 on RHEL6.

I would have posted this on the bug tracker, but after creating a light-weight CERN account I get the message: “You do not have permission to create issues in this project.”