Reading LorentzVector with Double32_t with TTreeReader

Hi all,

I want to analyze data stored in TTrees by my group’s design, I want to use a class inheriting from TSelector that makes use of of a TTreeReader. This works fine for Lorentz vectors stored in std::vectors, but I also need to read a single Lorentz vector stored as a separate branch. Executing these few lines:

void test() {
    TChain* chain = new TChain("writeNTuple/NTuple");
    TTreeReader fReader;
    TTreeReaderValue<ROOT::Math::LorentzVector<ROOT::Math::PtEtaPhiM4D<Double32_t> > > fMet = {fReader, "met"};

results in the following error message:

Error in TTreeReaderValueBase::CreateProxy(): The branch met contains data of type ROOT::Math::LorentzVector<ROOT::Math::PtEtaPhiM4D<Double32_t> >. It cannot be accessed by a TTreeReaderValue<ROOT::Math::LorentzVector<ROOT::Math::PtEtaPhiM4D >>

The only thing I learn from it is that I am not using Double32_t although I specified it in the declaration of the TTreeReaderValue. If that’s the source of the problem, how can I fix it, or what else might be wrong? Thanks for your help!


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