Reading .fits headers with Astroroot

I am not able to view/import all fits header information.

I have a fits data cube, which I have converted using tf2tree into a .root file which contains a TTree and TFIOElement. I then read in this root file:

and get the tfioelement:

and print the information contained in the header:

This correctly prints all header attibutes, however BITPIX, NAXIS, NAXIS(1/2/3), BSCALE, BZERO, are all missing from the attributes. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, I am quite new to root/astroroot but it seems like this information is not in the TFIOElement, which is annoying if this is the case as the NAXIS values especially are needed to manipulate the fits data (and are mandatory in all fits headers).

Any help would be much appreciated,


TFIOElement is part of Astroroot rather than ROOT itself. I recommend you start by contact the Astroroot team first (see