Reading error messages

Hi all,

I’m just learning to use ROOT and writing some simple programs. But, unfortunately, I can’t understand the compiler’s error messages very well: for example, now, I’m getting this:

Error: unexpected character in expression 0() :-1:
Error: unexpected character in expression 0() :-1:
(const int)0

And I’m not quite sure what type of error should I be looking for in my program, since there is no expression looking like 0(). Do you have an idea what could that mean? Or, in general, how could the error messages be read?

Thank you!


HI Nina,

This seems to be a parsing problem in CINT (most likely due to a real problem in the code like a missing " or parenthesis). To get a better diagnosis, I recommend compiling your script with ACLiC. I.e. rather than .L myscript.Ctry.L myscript.C+