Reading a TClonesArray

Hi all,

I filled a TTree with a TClonesArray

TClonesArray *array = new TClonesArray("TLorentzVector", 500);
tree->Branch(branchname.c_str(), &array);

for (i=0; i<N; i++){
  new((*array)[i]) TLorentzVector(px,py,pz,E);

Now I want to read it in using the classes generated by MakeClass(). There I have membervariables for the different components px,py… but no membervariable for the TLorentzVector Object. How can I access that?

Thank’s a lot,

I found it myself:

the problem was that I used the default splitlevel


tree->Branch(branchname.c_str(), &array,32000,0);

solved my problem.