Read TTree split in the same .root

Hello, All

I have a file.root created by the pythia8. When I running
a big number of events, the number of particles is large, right. So, the TTree is split in two. This is happening because that the size limit is reached.

*Tree    :T         : Tree                                                   *
*Entries :  4854205 : Total =       291355263 bytes  File  Size =  240978077 *
*        :          : Tree compression factor =   1.11                       *

the file.root:

When I read this file.root, the program read just the first TTree "T,9" and
TTree "T,8" is not readed.

I’m looking for the command to fix the problem, but I don’t find anything yet.

Someone know how to fix this,

Cheers, Andre

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