Read number from .txt file

**I have a text file contain a variety of text and numbers, **
i want to read a number from this .txt file
**For example: if the line 10 appear as follows: **

Name Baja 52525

I am write a simple code for that like this

how can i modify it to read this number?

ifstream inputfile;
ofstream outputfile;"file.txt");

double N;
String line;
int linenumber=0;

while (!inputfile.eof()){

       if (linenumber==10){
        getline(inputfile, line, N);
        inputfile >>N;}

cout << "N="<<N<<endl;



root is not really involved in this program right?



its already root code

it is perhaps a root macro but yours is really a basic c++ question since no root type appears in your code… btw, it is not clear what you are asking…


thank you ,

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