Read a tree

hi forum
The problem I have most probably is a trivial one, but please bare with me. I have a tree with several branches, called chip, col, row, test etc. Now, I want to read this tree and pipe it into an array of integers like test[chip][col][row]. I know I can draw a 2d histogram by, e.g.
TCut c1 = "chip==1"
but how can I get the values plotted into an array?
Thanks a lot!

We show several examples in the tutorials. Here is a short example

void geta() { TFile f("hsimple.root"); const Int_t N=10000; Double_t px[N],py[N],pz[N]; TTree *T = (TTree*)f.Get("ntuple"); //Get pointers to some leaves (3 out of 5) TLeaf *lpx = T->GetLeaf("px"); TLeaf *lpy = T->GetLeaf("py"); TLeaf *lpz = T->GetLeaf("pz"); for (Int_t i=0;i<N;i++) { //read one entry (branch/leaf values are stored in ROOT memory T->GetEntry(i); //copy from ROOT memory to local arrays px[i] = lpx->GetValue(); py[i] = lpy->GetValue(); pz[i] = lpz->GetValue(); } }


Thanks a lot!