Read a String from TTree (Root File)

_ROOT Version: 6.08
_Platform:Linux Ubuntu
Compiler: Not Provided

Goog Morning to all of you,

I need to read a string type from a TTree but I’m not able to do it.

I creted a root file saving the string “DateTime” as follows:

I tried to read this information in another file, reading a root file as:
Char_t Mystring;
CR->SetBranchAddress(“DateTime”, &Mystring);

I dodn’t have any compilation error, but in the code I’m not able to read the string.
If I try to print the Mystring value this is an empty value.

Can someone help me?

Kind regards,

Hi @dgiordan,
here is a review of different methods you can use to read values from a ROOT file.
Another method is what @Wile_E_Coyote suggested: creating an analysis skeleton, fill in your logic and run the resulting program.

Hope this helps!

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