Re-installing Minuit2

I’m running ROOT on Kubuntu 12.04 32 bit. After the installation from source did not work because of some mysterious undefined references (i guess to HMAC and EVP_sha1), I chose to install ROOT from this ppa: . I know that’s not officially supported, but I found no other way, since the normal installation method refused to work.

Now my problem is that Root works fine except the Minuit2 package which I need for my work. Running sudo apt-get install root-plugin-math-minuit2 says that minuit2 is already installed (and furthermore, “set to manually installed” whatever that means…). However, a program I want to compile which uses Minuit2 complains that it is missing and creating instance of Minuit2 classes in the ROOT interpreter does not work either.

Is there a way to manually re-install Minuit2 and other packages?