RDataFrame with Friend Tree Crashes

Dear colleagues,

I am trying to create histograms with the Histo1D() function of RDataFrame. I have a friend tree attached to the original tuple that holds the weight branch. The conventional TChain().Draw() function works properly, but the RDataFrame function fails and crashes with a segfault.
Is it possible to use friend trees with RDataFrame or is there any workaround to get it running?



ROOT Version: 6.14/04
Platform: Slc 6
Compiler: gcc62

I found out, that probably it is a problem, that the friend tree SPlotTuple is coming from the same root file and shares a branch name with the same name as the DecayTuple, so probably that’s not possible with PyRoot?

friend trees are supported, you might have hit an edge case bug. Could you share (a small part of) your data (even privately is fine of course)? That would help us debug what’s going on.


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