RDataFrame with Friend Tree crashes when multithreading enabled (2)

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Are there news on this? I’m observing exactly the same behaviour, and my ROOT file also includes multiple directories.

ROOT Version: 6.18/04
Platform: slc7_amd64_gcc82
Compiler: g++ (GCC) 8.3.1 20190225

Hi @bfontana,
this sounds like https://sft.its.cern.ch/jira/browse/ROOT-10152 which was recently fixed in master (the fix will be part of v6.22/04 and v6.24).

Could you check whether a ROOT nightly build still has the issue?


Hello @eguiraud,

After sourcing the nightly build as described in your link, and upon re-running the same piece of code, I still observe the same behaviour (i.e., I get a segmentation violation). The crash is avoided just by placing the ROOT::EnableImplicit call after the ROOT::RDataFrame constructor.

too bad, I will need a reproducer then, to debug the issue.
Can you please share a (small) snippet of code that reproduces the crash and the files required to run it? You can also share the files with me privately if they cannot be made public.


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