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RDataFrame::Foreach with array branch


_ROOT Version:6.15

Hi all;

if aTree with Branch array.
TTree::Branch(“a”, “&a”, “a[30]/D”);

RDataFrame aData("…","…");
aData.ForEach([](double * a){cout<<a<<endl;}, “a”)

Error in TTreeReaderValueBase::GetBranchDataType(): Must use TTreeReaderArray to read branch fptcl_r: it contains an array or a collection.
Error in TTreeReaderValueBase::CreateProxy(): The template argument type T of double* accessing branch fptcl_r (which contains data of type (null)) is not known to ROOT. You will need to create a dictionary for it.

how should I do?


using RVec solve this problem


Yep, that’s it, you have to use RVec to read arrays from RDataFrame.