RdataFrame feature request: weighted cut reports


The ability to produce automatic cut flow reports from named Filters() is great but in many analyses the events have weights and it would be great to have these reflected in the cut flow in the same way as for histograms. Would it be possible to give the Filter() an optional weight branch name to be applied to the cut flow report ?



Hi @carlgwilliam ,

thank you for the feedback! This is actually not the first time the feature request has been brought up, there is an old JIRA ticket about weighted filters which is basically what you ask for (assuming that, given weighted filters, Report would take the weights into account).

Given that there is a fairly simple alternative (filling histograms and counting instead of getting reports) this item has always been too low priority to get actual hands on it :confused:

Point taken though, I agree it would be nice to have this!
I migrated the JIRA ticket to [DF] Implement weighted Filters · Issue #12303 · root-project/root · GitHub, with an updated discussion, so we don’t lose track of the item.


Hi @eguiraud,

Thanks a lot for taking this into consideration and sorry that I was not aware of the previous JIRA. I agree that one can work around it with RDF::Fill() and histograms, which is what I am doing at the moment, but it would be very convenient to have. Defining a global event weight could be quite a nice way of doing this.



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