RDataFrame feature request: RResultPtr<T>::onReady

Hi all,

It would be great to have the option to book a callback to be executed when the event loop has finished. Using OnPartialResult with everyNEvents=N or N-1 doesn’t work if running with multi-threaded enabled. The way I currently do this is by having a different thread check every 100ms whether res.IsReady() returns true, but this is a very ugly approach.


Jean Yves

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Hi @Jean_Beaucamp; again, I’m pinging @vpadulan and @eguiraud here so that they are aware.


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Hi @Jean_Beaucamp ,

thank you very much for the feedback and sorry for the lack of replies.

I am not sure I understand the use case: the way I would do this is to just call whatever code you want to run at the end of the event loop after the call that starts the event loop.

For example:

some_rdf_result.GetValue() # triggers the event loop

What am I missing?
Cheers and apologies for the huge latency on this,

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