RDataFrame columns from active branches only

Is there a way to create an RDataFrame from a TTree with only active branches defined as columns?

I ask because it appears, right now, that RDataFrame just gets columns filled with zeros for inactive branches in a TTree, which means that if I accidentally deactivate a branch I need for a Filter, no error is thrown and I get the wrong results.

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RDataFrame is not meant to be used in conjunction with manual activation/deactivation of branches. RDF takes care of only reading what is needed, when is needed. I.e. you should not deactivate branches, and you should not see performance difference for the RDF analysis with branches that you don’t use turned on or off. If this is not the case, it’s probably a bug in RDF.

Let us know how it looks.

Cursory tests show no obvious difference with branches turned on or off. Thanks.

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