RBrowser plugin for QtCreator

I wanted to ask whether it would be doable to write a JS plugin for the QtCreator IDE that is able to browse ROOT files. Kind of the analogous to the already existing VS plugin.

As I do not have JS experience myself, I do not know how much work it would involve.

Cheers and thanks!


VS plugin is pure JavaScript. It just uses JSROOT functionality to open, browse and display data from ROOT files. RBrowser is significantly more - it is C++ code with native access to ROOT data (files, trees, collections) and client part based on openui5/JSROOT.

I have no experience with QtCreator - although I am using qt already for ~20 years. Most probably, one can embed HTML page as VS plugin does. But I am not sure if it make sense to integrate RBrowser.


Oh, I see, sorry, I got confused the names. Then yeah, embedding the HTML page is the way to go. For example, QtCreator can already visualize Doxygen HTML documentation embedded inline.

See for example here the editor tab and on the right the “HTML” help book from cppreference.

But I have no experience with these plugins, either.