RBrowser:: how to set default browser

How can i set the default browser to be started by RBrowser? while the system have it set to google chrome when i use RBrowser the firefox is started.

ALIBUILD##[Sunday 27.11.22 18:58 adrian@hal] ~ $
root-config --version

ALIBUILD##[Sunday 27.11.22 18:58 adrian@hal] ~ $
xdg-settings get default-web-browser

Hi @adrian_sev,

AFAIK, ROOT should use the default browser, no @linev? Aleternatively, as per the root --help output, ROOT allows to specify an alternative web browser, as in:

$ root --web=chromium



Only in current ROOT master it is possible to clearly specify use of default web browser:

root --web=default

Actually, it will be default setting with the next ROOT version.

For ROOT 6.26 one can use workaround:

root --web=xdg-open

Means ROOT will try to use xdg-open <widget-url> command to show web widget.
Not nice, but should work for all kinds of interactive web widgets.


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