Raytrace wrongly displayed for composited shapes in 5.15/07?

Dear all,

I am using ROOT v5.15/07 under linux Debian with gnome.

I am trying to draw two identically spheric segments with TSphere, with the exception of that one points upwards and the other points downwards. I first make the corresponding two Sphere shapes, and then the composite one, that is the union of both.

When I try to draw them using raytrace, only the upper one shows up (see figure
bug1.gif). If I rotate with the mouse a bit towards me, the I see the second one, but only the bottom part (see figure bug2.gif).

I attach the macro I wrote (compiled .L bug.C+)

is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?
Any help is appreciated.

bug.C (945 Bytes)

The bug is in fact in TGeoSphere for theta angles > 90 degrees. I will fix it asap and let you know. Thanks for reporting it.


Fix in svn trunk.