Rates and progress bar don't worl

I installed xrootd and proofd, following the base configuration, on two SL 3.0.8 machine, with ROOT 5.14f. rootd seems to work well, proofd instead seems to have some comunication problem.

What I see is that trying a very simple test the GUI element that shows me the PROOF analysis progess remains stack: it continues to says that the script is at the initialization step, the number of total events is “1234567890”, the “Rate plot” button is disabled.

Looking at the log plots, using TProof or less in the log area, instead I see the log message of the TSelector (it prints the number of elaborated event ant 10000 events) is increasing. How I can fix this?

Solved!!! the rootd connection, to a different server, is really slow so the statists needs many time to be collected by the GUI, in any case the time estimation in this case appears to be wrong.