RangeChanged, RangeAxisChanged Signals


Using ROOT 5.32 here.

I’m trying to setup one histogram to display a 1-dimensional version of the visible portion of a 2-dimensional histogram (the 2D histogram represents an image, the 1D the value distribution). I’m having trouble getting the 1D histogram to update when the user zooms on the 2D histogram.

I tried connecting to either the RangeChanged or RangeAxisChanged (what’s the difference?) signals to call the method that updates the 1D histogram, which works to update it, except that the 2D histogram (which is inside a TEmbeddedCanvas) goes gray. I can restore the 2D histogram by right clicking on the Canvas and telling it to Pop, but I’m not sure how adding the slot to the signal is preventing the 2D histogram from updating correctly.


Could you provide a simple example (e.g. a running macro) reproducing the problem?

Cheers, Bertrand.