Radware matrix to ROOT

I have a Radware matrix with a .m4b extension. I want to convert it a ROOT format.
I will appreciate some help.

Abraham _
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I guess, the RadWare “.m4b” files contain 4096 x 4096 channel 4-byte-integer matrices.

yes, it is a 4 Byte/channel format

See maybe the readsp.c and matread.c and rwspec.c and util.c files for ideas.

Try this ROOT macro: read_m4b.cxx (2.2 KB)

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The you Coyote,
I tried but non of these seems to be work for me. I don’t know if it is because
I am new into using ROOT!
“Note: posix.dll is not found. Do ‘sh setup’ in $CINTSYSDIR/lib/posix directory if you use UNIX.
Error: cannot open file “util.h” Util.C:10:
*** Interpreter error recovered ***”
this is the error I am getting. I have no idea where the code is writing out the file neither

These “*.c” files are RadWare source code files (not really supposed to be used as ROOT macros).

However, you can try to use the “.cxx” ROOT macro file from my previous post.

Thank you. The .cxx has done the job I can draw the 2d matrix now.


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