Questions about ViewSignal Class

The following codes are from ViewSignal.hh

 // Colours.
  short m_colTotal = kBlue + 3;
  short m_colElectrons = kOrange - 3;
  short m_colIons = kRed + 1;

This is the induction signal diagram I draw.

In my program, signal is caused by negative ion and the curve should be red. However, I get an orange one which means it is caused by electrons. Besides,the red curve is close to 0. I am very confused about this.
Does the ViewSignal class consider signals caused by negative ion ?

This is the driftline I got,and I set driftView->SetColourIons(kBlue);

Yes, that’s a bit confusing. What’s called “electron current” in the Sensor class and the ViewSignal class is actually the current induced by all particles with negative charge (i. e. electrons and negative ions), and the “ion current” is the signal induced by positively charged particles (ions/holes).

Thanks a lot for your reply,I understand it.

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