Questions about SRIM

I have read an example Srim.c, and there are some questions confused me a lot.

1,what’s the meaning of kinetic energy of the particle (in eV)? if the particle’s energy is 100MeV, then what’s the kinetic energy value of it?
2,what’s the meaning of workfunction?
3,what does the checkhwf() function mean in the code?

It depends on the mass of the particle (total energy = rest energy + kinetic energy). For the purposes of the SRIM/TRIM examples, it’s only the kinetic energy that matters though.

Average energy needed to create an electron-ion pair in the gas.

It’s just to test that the algorithm used for sampling the number of electron/ion pairs for a given energy deposit does reproduce the requested W value and Fano factor. You can ignore it.

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Thanks a lot for your detail explanations.
I understand it now.

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