Does ROOT have a spreadsheet or something to look like a spreadsheet, lets say something in OpenOffice Spreadsheet or Excell? I want something basic not like Excell.

If not, how can it be implemented?

Thanks in advance


The development of TGTable widget is included in our plans. Currently the use of specific layout managers may help you to create this kind of user interface according your needs.

Using the TGMatrixlayout you can arrange frames in a matrix-like way. You need to specify for it the parent (container) frame of all elements, the number of rows, the number of column, horizontal and vertical separators. There is a freedom of setting the rows or the columns as unlimited by giving 0 as parameter value.

Another way is by using the TGTablelayout, which will place child frames in a table. It works with TGTableLayoutHints and requires the number of of columns and rows to be fully specified.

Cheers, Ilka