Question regarding branches of Delphes.root file and unable to find positron

_ROOT Version:6.28
Platform: root
Compiler: g77

I made the process e+ e- > x1+ x2-, x1+ > n1 e+ ve, x2- > n2 e- ve~ and I got a tag_1_delphes_events.root output out of it after running generate_events through a cluster but the only branches in this root file for the tree “Delphes” are :

Branch 0: Event
Branch 1: Event_size
Branch 2: Weight
Branch 3: Weight_size
Branch 4: Particle
Branch 5: Particle_size
Branch 6: Track
Branch 7: Track_size
Branch 8: Tower
Branch 9: Tower_size
Branch 10: EFlowTrack
Branch 11: EFlowTrack_size
Branch 12: EFlowPhoton
Branch 13: EFlowPhoton_size
Branch 14: EFlowNeutralHadron
Branch 15: EFlowNeutralHadron_size
Branch 16: GenJet
Branch 17: GenJet_size
Branch 18: GenMissingET
Branch 19: GenMissingET_size
Branch 20: Jet
Branch 21: Jet_size
Branch 22: Electron
Branch 23: Electron_size
Branch 24: Photon
Branch 25: Photon_size
Branch 26: Muon
Branch 27: Muon_size
Branch 28: FatJet
Branch 29: FatJet_size
Branch 30: MissingET
Branch 31: MissingET_size
Branch 32: ScalarHT
Branch 33: ScalarHT_size

I want to find the kinematic distribution for the angle between e+ and e- and missing Et for e+. In which branch is it present? Kindly please help. Thank you!

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I’m not sure we can help with this question. if you generated the data and the branches, I suppose you should know what is in the file. Or did you take it from somewhere else?
You can also search the forum for other posts about Delphes.

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