Question on decay TGeoElementRN

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I am looking at radioactive nuclei inventory in radioactive sources. In the example below I wanted to know what would be the decay/buildup for an americium source.
Here is my very simple example, in this case I am only looking at how is Am241 decaying, simple solution of Bateman equation for the parent nuclei which should be of the form 1exp (-lambda .t)
or in this case the solution which is proposed is N[95-Am-241]/N[95-Am-241] = 1
exp(-7.35294e-11*t) which correspond to exp(-1/ T[size=59]1/2[/size] . t) , there is a ln(2) missing I have the impression. lambda = log(2)/ T1/2

TGeoManager *geom = new TGeoManager("","");
TGeoElementTable *table = geom->GetElementTable();
TGeoElementRN *Am241 = table->GetElementRN(241,95); // A,Z
TGeoMaterial *mat = new TGeoMaterial(“Am241”, Am241, 2.0);
TObjArray *vect = new TObjArray();
TGeoElement el = (TGeoElement)vect->At(0);
TGeoElementRN *elem = (TGeoElementRN *)el;

95-Am-241 ENDF=952410; A=241; Z=95; Iso=0; Level=0[MeV]; Dmass=52.929[MeV];
J/P=5/2-; Abund=0; Htox=3.9e-05; Itox=2e-07; Stat=0
Decay modes:
SpontFiss Diso: 0 BR: 0.000% Qval: 207
Alpha Diso: 0 BR: 100.000% Qval: 5.6378
n entries : 14
N[95-Am-241]/N[95-Am-241] = 1exp(-7.35294e-11t)

Please let me know if I have missing a point but my impression is that there is an error.

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Andrei Gheata will answer your question later today


Hi Joachim,

This problem was already reported some time ago and fixed by Mihaela: