Question on a branch

Hello ROOTers, I have the following piece of code:

struct PartDetSignal {

float* signalTime;
float* signalAmpl;
float dt;


PartDet detSignal;

detSignal.signalTime=new float [50000];
detSignal.signalAmpl=new float [50000];
TString branchName=“Signal”;
partDetTree->Branch(branchName+“Time”, &detSignal.signalTime, “Time[50000]/F”, 10000000U);
partDetTree->Branch(branchName+“Ampl”, &detSignal.signalAmpl, “Ampl[50000]/F”, 10000000U);
partDetTree->Branch(branchName+“Graph”, “TGraph”, &graph);

Is there a possible error that prevents the data in the two float arrays from being stored correctly? I cannot retrieve the expected. The funny thing is that when I retrieve the TGraph that is made to contain the same data, it is as expected. So there must be something wrong in the branch declaration for the float arrays. Thanks for any help,

Problem fixed, it was actually in the interpretation of data not in the storage.