Question about time stamp

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ROOT Version: 6.18/04
Platform: macosx64
Compiler: clang

Dear ROOT experts,

I got some raw data which were created on a computer at CERN and have the Geneva time stamps. I would like to convert them to UTC.

I am in the Chicago area, so if I do:
TTimeStamp ts(2018,11,01,8,0,0,0,false);
I will create a time stamp in the Chicago time zone. How do I specify the time zone to be Geneva?


It seems to me that the TTimeStamp internally keeps the time relative to Jan 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC (i.e. the conversion from the local Geneva time zone to UTC has already been done).
Try (“Z” means “Zulu”): std::cout << ts << std::endl;

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