Question about opening a saved file w/TGuiBuilder

I am running version 5.10/00 of root, and I started making a Gui using the GuiBuilder. However, I can’t open my saved copy. Whenever I attempt to do so by reopening TGuiBuilder, it just loads a blank main frame and all the buttons, etc. are gone. Am I doing something stupid?? Any help would be appreciated.

Daniel McDonald
Rice University

Hi Daniel,

The GUI builder in version 5.10/00 of root contained several bugs that were fixed later. Please move (if possible) and use the GUI builder in version 5.11/06.

Cheers, Ilka

The GuiBuilder is much nicer in the new version!! Thanks!

it’s still under intensive development …
any comments, critics, suggestions, questions are “extremly” welcome.

Thanks. Regards. Valeriy

the only thing I have found annoying is how the program just closes when I accidently hit delete, for example, thinking that will remove a button. It seems most stable when I just use the mouse to perform actions, right clicking, etc. Of course, I am but a beginner in using Root, but will hopefully have a working GUI sometime really soon.

Hi Daniel,

I cannot reproduce this case. Please provide details by describing the steps to follow that will help us to reproduce and fix it.

Thank you, Ilka

Now this might sound stupid, but I couldn’t duplicate it at first either. (I have windows XP SP2, newest version of root). However, after fooling around, I was able to consistently duplicate the result. This is going to sound strange, but if you open the GuiBuilder, just put in a frame, and put in a text input for example, then click on it, hit delete, the box goes away, all is well. However, it will consistently close, completely exiting root, if i repeat the steps above, but maximize the Gui window to make it full screen. This is what I was doing because I wanted to view all of the Gui, and my Gui window needed to be a little larger than the default.

Strange though. I wouldn’t expect to run into problems after maximizing. But every time (i checked 6 or so times) that I opened the Gui builder, if I put in a blank main Frame, and then maximize the Root BuiBuilder window, put a text entry into the main frame, and then hit delete after i select the text entry box, it completely crashes, exiting root. This also happens if i put in a button, canvas, etc.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your investigation and provided details. We will keep you informed for the fixes.

Cheers, Ilka

I have to write again I am not able to reproduce the reported case. It could be important to provide details how do you start the GUI builder (from root prompt, canvas menu, etc.), how do you create the main frame (from a menu, toolbar button, or Project shutter), etc. all these details could help to locate this bug.

Thank you in advance.

Cheers, Ilka

Cool. I’m running version 5.11/06, but this problem also existed on version 5.10.

First, I am running root on a Win XP/SP2 in a DOS prompt.

type in root on the DOS prompt. Type in TGuiBuilder b in the command line. When the GUI pops up, I click on the Main frame button under Projects. New window appears, fMdiFrameXXX. Now, First thing I do is go to the upper right hand corner of the ROOT GuiBuilder window and maximize the screen, so that now my ROOT GuiBuilder window is full screen (clicking the maximize button right above the Help menu).

Then I pick any item (for example, clicking input on the left menus, then clicking text entry button, then just clicking into the newly created frame).

Now I have a generic text entry box in the frame. I click on it, and it is selected (blue boxes appear around border). I then hit delete, and everything crashes.

I’m sorry if my computer is crazy. Maybe its just a local thing with my computer. The GuiBuilder still works fine, and I find it a very valuable tool. It is very nice to just be able to make the gui and then go back and change the code.

Thank you for your detailed description!
Again, I cannot reproduce the reported case on my computer, but my colleagues will investigate also and we will keep you informed.

Best regards, Ilka

my computer is old and is going to be trashed soon, so maybe we can just blame my computer. :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

I have tested on different XP machines and with different compiler versions, but cannot reproduce the problem…


eh, no biggie then. as long as other people don’t have the problem, then i wouldn’t stress about it or waste time on it. Just gives me another reason to trash this computer and get a new one.