Question about histograms

I have two questions relating to histogram: Firstly, is there any function that can normalize two histograms so that they have the same amount of sample points; secondly, is there any function that I can use to set the y-axis into the logarithmic scale so that the tail frequency of a histogram can appear to be larger than before?
Thanks a lot!
Ps: I just start learning root, so it would be best if you can point out some specific examples/instructions on the reference guide so that I can read.

HI jason,
you can look at here Different ways of normalizing histograms for what concerns the normalization of a Histogram.

Have also a look to the TH1 documentation online.

For what concerns the logarithmic scale on y axis you can use gPad->SetLogy(1) to do it in the macro

or simply right clicking on the canvas and select SetLogy


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