Question about cint interface command line

Dear Root Users and Experts,

I’ve two question for which I could’nt find the answers in the users guide or through the goolgle…

  1. could you explain how the backward-search though the command line history works in the version 5.28?
    this is a very useful feature, but in this version it finds only last entry in the history and the next pressing of ctrl-r returns me to the typing mode…

  2. Can you give a some link to the information on the cint raw commands? there are only short list of them in the manuals i found or in the .help, for example the .ls command does’nt mentioned there…

Thank you!


^R is fixed.

The dot-commands are “documented” in cint/cint/src/pause.cxx and TApplication::ProcessLine(). The problem is that for CINT, several of them are internal (thus not documented through .help) and that ROOT extends the list of dot-commands.

Cheers, Axel.