[QtRoot] How to prevent QtRoot changing font?

I am developing a Qt application using QtRoot (BNL version).
Since I added TQtWidget to my Qt application, it had come to display the message:

[quote]** $Id: TGQt.cxx 3566 2010-09-21 20:34:17Z fine@BNL.GOV $ this=0x2aecd20
Symbol font family found: “Standard Symbols L” [/quote], and font of the application becomes ugly.
The font returns to normal after I interact with the application UI such as menu bar.
I guess that QtRoot once applies its font setting and then Qt turns it back.
How can I prevent this behavior?

I am using Qt4.7.4 and ROOT ROOT v5.30.01 on Linux/X11.
Thank you in advance.

Can you upload an example (screenshot) and your code ?

Try to (re-)define “Gui.DefaultFont” with your “system.rootrc” or local “.rootrc” files. It should be “qt-default”"

Check lists.bnl.gov/pipermail/qt-root … 00187.html thread as well

Hi, thank you for reply.

[quote]Gui.DefaultFont: qt-default[/quote]This fixed the problem. Thank you very much!

By the way, it seems to me that QtRoot has some problem in rendering ROOT canvas on Qt widgets.
I will post about it soon…

[quote=“kame”]Gui.DefaultFont: qt-defaultThis fixed the problem. Thank you very much![/quote] :smiley:

](*,) [quote=“kame”]… I will post about it soon…[/quote] You are welcome :slight_smile: