QT save TQtWidget

I have the following question concerning TQtWidgets. I wrote an online display for our experiment with several different tabs and tons of plots. I would like to include the option to save the displayed plots as pdf,png and root files for later use. I am now experiencing the problem that only the widgets currently on display are saved with a reasonable pixel size. The other widgets that are hidden on the other tabs at the time I am saving the plots have a very small pixel size. I was wondering if there is a manual method that I could implement to force stretching the TQtWidget before I save it.


Can you elaborate a little bit more ? Which methods do you use to save the images?

Check root.cern.ch/root/html532/TQtWidget.html
There are a bunch of TQtWidget “save” slots to do what you need.

Public slots: (Qt) . . . virtual bool Save(const QString &fileName) const; // Save the widget image with some pixmap file virtual bool Save(const char *fileName) const; virtual bool Save(const QString &fileName,const char *format,int quality=60) const; virtual bool Save(const char *fileName,const char *format,int quality=60) const; . . .


did you mean the tabs those were not really rendered ever? Those were always hidden and nobody had any chance to see it at the time? What is the reason to generate “tons of plots” that nobody could see?
Normally the the plot is generated as soon as Widget becomes visible. Your tones of “invisible plots” suggests that your “online display” works extremely slow.

Please elaborate.