Qt layer install


I would like to install the Qt layer for root. From what i’m reading I need to do:
cd root
./configure /Developer/Applications/Qt/ --enable-qt

I already have the root version 5.17.04 and Qt 4.3.2 install on my mac.
However, the root version I have installed is an already compiled version, so I don’t seem to have the “configure” command.

Is there a way to do this from the root install I have, or should I download the root source code and compile etc…


yes, you have to get full source and recompile ETC…

You can install the Qt-layer against of any pre-installed ROOT version and against of the various Qt versions also. You do not need to re-compile / re-install ROOT. See root.bnl.gov/QtRoot/How2Install4 … nstallroot . You do not need the full ROOT source either. However you do need the ROOT header files available (check your $ROOTSYS/include)