Qt application interfacing root (question about TTreeViewer)

Hi rooters,

I would like to build a Qt application that also draws histograms etc. I was wondering if there was any chance to inherit in a clean way from the TTreeViewer and use part of its functionality like the drawing of various branches etc. while also being able to open new, custom dialogs and possible emit own signals from the gui.

Any hints on this would be appreciated.



Dear Erik.
Sorry, I have been traveling and missed your post.

What you say is possible. However , it has to be done yet. As far as I know the TreeViewer is designed for and it has the direct dependency of the ROOT GUI (TG classes) API.

I estimate that its Qt-based re-implementation as 1-2 weeks full time job.

There is chance that one can succeed using the existent TreeViewer as well. However, I suspect that will not be reliable. The outcome is hard to predict and it will depend of the nature of the concrete application.As result I estimate one will still spend the 1-2 weeks ( if possible ) to make his own application working smoothly

Hi Valerie,

thanks for your reply. I actually have an application which does drawing of variables etc but it was not as generic as the TreeViewer which is why I was wondering about the possibility.
As for the most part I would only be using a very limited set of the possiblities of the tree viewer, I think I’ll stick with my custom solution.