Python version for win binaries

I’ve installed windows binaries of root 5.30/02
I need to use PYROOT but if I don’t install the “right” python version I have the same problem reported in :

It seems to me that python 2.6.7 may be the right version but

  1. it is not officially supported anymore (binaries are not even available from python website)
  2. I am not sure how I can check which version of python was used to produce this version of root binaries.

I’ve already tried the following combinations:
root 5.27.04 python 2.7
root 5.27.04 python 3.1.2
root 5.27.04 python 3.2.2

root 5.30/02 python 2.7
root 5.30/02 python 3.2.2

Thanks for your help,


not a Windows expert here, but IIRC, the tool to check binaries is “dumpobj” on that platform. And yes, p2.6 is what the LHC experiments are still using, which is why that is the version used for the pre-build libraries. Binaries for all python final release versions remain available on the python website:

Note that for p3.2, it will work if the binaries are recompiled with it, but support for it is not 100% complete (pass-by-reference and buffers being the notable missing features).


Hi Wim,
yes… I’m also not expert at all on Windows… I wished I did not have to do this :wink:
On python website for some reason the 2.6.7 (latest 2.6 patch available) has only source files (and I wanted to avoid to get visual studio and compile it… I just need a quick-and-dirty installation). However I just found that the python 2.6.6 have windows binaries… I find it curious. Thanks for you help, and thanks for the hint on dumpobj as well.