Python type hints for ROOT/RooFit

Hi all,

I would like to try and include type hinting in my python code (so I can run mypy over my packages), but I’m struggling to get anything working whenever I pull in anything from import ROOT.

So I have a couple of questions about PyROOT/hinting, if anyone else has looked at this before…

  • Is there any plan for PyROOT to support type hinting for the built-in types?

  • Has anyone managed to get stubgen to generate a useful stub for the ROOT/RooFit types? I tried this morning but my python’s not good enough to be able to get anything useful out of it!

  • Has anyone managed to generate a stub file by hand? I’m only interested in a handful of RooFit classes, so I’d be happy to do them by hand, just so I can run the static analysis tools. Has anyone got an example I could use as a primer…


Hi Andy,
We’ll likely need @etejedor to reply here - he will be back in about one week. Please ping him should you not have a response within 10 days or so!
Cheers, Axel.

Cheers @Axel, I will follow up with him when he’s back!


Hi @etejedor, Do you have any views on this?


Hi @AndyW ,

How would you apply type hinting with PyROOT? There are actually no ROOT Python classes, PyROOT generates Python proxies for your C++ objects/classes dynamically by interrogating the C++ interpreter. This also means that there are no actual Python ROOT classes to which you can apply stubgen and get your classes annotated.

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