Python libraries

HI, I have a question about the python libraries created when root is installed. It creates librarires for all the classes in root, but if more classes have been added to root (these were added by a program called cafe) how can I create new python libraries for the new classes, can i do this by just rerunning the python install?



What do you mean by Python libraries? There is only ONE: libPyRoot.
Python in Root can be used with any class (Root or user) having
a dictionary.



please read:

or the equivalent section in the, recently updated, ROOT User’s Guide on “Python and Ruby Interfaces” (

Most experiment-wide analysis codes already contain CINT dictionaries for various reasons, and simply loading the library with ‘gSystem.Load()’ will do the trick. If you have your own, private, not-compiled .C code, however, you need to generate the dict info w/ either ACLiC (see the User’s Guide and above link for further details) or by interpretation through CINT w/ ‘gROOT.LoadMacro()’.

Note that, just like classes, user-side enums, global variables, functions, and even some #define’d macro’s, etc., etc. can be picked up directly from the module, as long as either CINT or gROOT knows about them when you try to access them.