PYTHIA8 for root-6.08.02

I have two questions concerning PYTHIA8 for root-6.08.02:

  • which version of Pythia8 must be used and from where I can download it?
  • where (in which file within root-6.08.02) I can get the correct keywords for specifying PYTHIA8 or should I use the configure script of root?
    Thanks a lot for help.

After several trials I have installed root-6.08.02 together with Pythia8 with success. This turns out to be possible by using environment variable values $PY8DIR, $PYTHIA8INC, $PYTHIA8LIB (generated by exporting them) for the required directories DPHYTIA8_DIR, DPYTHIA8_INCLUDE_DIR, and DPYTHIA8_LIBRARY respectively, Thus, the Cmake configuration step (using also Pythia6 and gviz) looks like:bmcrn@linux-xa4e:~> cmake --with-gviz-incdir=/usr/include/graphviz --with-gviz-libdir=/usr/lib64/graphviz --with-pythia6-libdir=/home/bmcrn/pythia6 -DPYTHIA6_LIBRARY=/home/bmcrn/pythia6/ -DPYTHIA8_DIR=$PY8DIR -DPYTHIA8_INCLUDE_DIR=$PYTHIAINC -DPYTHIA8_LIBRARY=$PYTHIALIB $root6082
I have installed this Root-System on Linux opensuse v42.1. However, until now I havn’t checked examples running with Pythia6 or Pythia 8.

If you define PYTHIA8_DIR environment variable of pass if as -DPYTHIA8_DIR= should work. Can you please try:

cmake -DPYTHIA8_DIR=<installation-of-pythia8> -Dpythia8=ON <ROOT-sources>

BTW, in your cmake command you are using the ‘configure’ style options (.e.g --with-gviz-incdir) that do not work with CMake.