Pythia8 as a plugin to root

i have already compiled root.i then i configured root using
as described in … usage.html
at the end of output i got
To build ROOT type:

after typing make i got error as:

gcc -O2 -pipe -m64 -Wshadow -Wall -W -fPIC -Iinclude -DR__HAVE_CONFIG -pthread -DINCLUDEDIR="/usr/include" -DOBJSUFFIX=".o" -o build/rmkdepend/main.o -c /home/ramanpreet/root/build/rmkdepend/main.c
/home/ramanpreet/root/build/rmkdepend/main.c:64:12: error: conflicting types for ‘fchmod’
extern int fchmod(int, int);
In file included from /home/ramanpreet/root/build/rmkdepend/def.h:42:0,
from /home/ramanpreet/root/build/rmkdepend/main.c:30:
/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/sys/stat.h:298:12: note: previous declaration of ‘fchmod’ was here
extern int fchmod (int __fd, __mode_t __mode) __THROW;
Running /home/ramanpreet/root/build/unix/
Changing include/compiledata.h
mv: try to overwrite ‘include/compiledata.h’, overriding mode 0644 (rw-r–r--)?