Pythia/Herwig/etc event generation

It looks like this is the only place to ask questions about event generation software. But if there is one somewhere else, please let me know. As long as this subforum concerns non-ROOT specific questions, I’ll use this opportunity.

What i’m looking for is a way to generate nu_bar + e- collisions being able to specify initial-state particles’ energies in the lab frame and grab all of the final-state particles like it is done with Pythia. But as long as Pythia does not directly support incoming beams of e- and nu_bar (nor do i know how to specifiy energies separately for each particle, just the CM energy) I’m forced to search for another way of doing this. I tried with Herwig but it requires final-state particles to be specified which is not desirable for me. I want all of the possible final-state particles to be present, not just a specific channel.

I’m new in the event generation software, so I think every one of the following solutions is probable:

  1. Pythia explicitly supports nu_bar + e- beams and it is possible to specify energy for each particle. It is just lack of my knowledge.
  2. Pythia doesn’t support it. So there might be a tricky way of getting around.
  3. There is no way it could be done with Pythia, but maybe with Herwig?
  4. There exist other event generation tools that is capable of doing what I want.

If there is a solution that you’re aware of or a place to ask for it, please let me know. Thank you in advance.