Pythia father or mother particles

Hello ROOT family,

I am working on a small project with ROOT and Pythia, and for this one, I need to know the parent (mother) particles.
Context: I’m taking soft process and just taking final state particles, but I want to know the particle father or origin particle for those particles that I’m selecting.
For this, I used in Pythia the mother 1, mother 2, and motherList. But it is not clear to me the output of these functions.
I know that it gives me the index of the event record, but it is not clear to me if to know the ID of these mother particles it would be as follows:

First, create the motherList vector and then access its values (event indices) and ask for the ID with the following function

int particle_id = pythia->event[mother_indice_from_the_vector].id()

Could you tell me if this is the way to get what I am looking for or what is the way to know from which particles the ones I am taking come from?

Thank you for your help

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Pythia isn’t ROOT and you’re better off talking to Pythia experts (e.g. your colleagues / supervisor / experiment) - but you might be lucky and find friendly experts who help here despite Pythia being a bit off topic :wink:

The doc is here: Particle Properties

And it says “the indices in the event record” i.e. I agree, that seems to be how you find them. But check the different cases.

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i need to ask what does the mother and daughter elements show in pythia → Contact

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