Pythia 8 running with Pythia 8 and Pythia 6 welcoming screens

I’m using AliRoot/AliPhysics software, which includes ROOT and I wanted to switch from Pythia 6 to Pythia 8.

I followed the instructions here:

And run the example pythia8.C from here:

It works, doesn’t give back errors, but it loads first the welcoming screen of Pythia 8, and then it runs a welcoming screen of Pythia 6.

Does anyone now it that’s alright? Or is it just loading pythia 6 and ignores pythia 8?


Hi @Ari,
welcome to the ROOT forum! Unfortunately, I’m not sure any of the current ROOT developers has enough experience with AliROOT+Pythia to answer your question – let’s see if you get lucky, maybe yes, or maybe one of the users :smile:

Otherwise, I’d suggest you redirect the question to the developers of AliROOT or whoever is responsible for Alice offline software support.


Hi @eguiraud,
Thanks for the quick answer, if I won’t find the answer I’ll head your advice ^^